FMCA students
Our Faculty and Staff

Our highly qualified faculty and staff strive to nourish our students both spiritually and academically. We feel privileged to be able to teach and nurture students and help them reach their divine potential. We are happy to talk with you any time, so please feel free to contact us.

Our Administration

Jessica Betz
Principal, FMCA

staff member
Jennie Thill
Director of Early Childhood Programs

Jan Janofski
Director of After School Program

Mary Fish
Administrative Assistant

Rick Allen

Kay Rambo

Jackie Lefebure
Elementary Lunch Supervisor

Elementary School Teaching Staff
staff member
Noelle Geary
2nd Grade

Troy Graham
Lunch and Recess Supervisor

Julie Hocking
1st Grade

Anne Lund
Pre-K Blue

Haley Molenaar

Sharon Parsons
3rd Grade

staff member
Jennie Thill
Pre-K Gold

staff member
Laura Wayland
4th Grade

Middle School Teaching Staff

Maryann Johnson
Social Studies and Language Arts

Julie Napel
Band & Computers

Melissa Pillifant

Laura Ricklard

June Link
Language Arts and Social Studies

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