FMCA Business Services

Our Business Department can help you with all matters relating to tuition, budgeting, accounting, fiscal reporting, purchasing, and accounts payable.

Tuition and Fee Payments

Tuition is billed per the payment option you selected when you registered at Father Marquette Catholic Academy. We'll also add incidental school fees such as field trips, athletics, and class fees to your FACTS account as you incur them. Payments are due on your FACTS due date. You can review your account at any time by logging onto the FACTS website. You can make payments and review your account at any time. If you have questions or experience difficulties accessing your account, you may call the FACTS customer support at (866) 800-6593.

It is our desire to work with families who may be experiencing temporary difficulty paying tuition. Please reach out to the school office should you miss or be unable to make a scheduled payment.

Financial assistance is available for Father Marquette Catholic Academy families. We'll notify families of scholarship assistance as they are awarded.

Accounts Payable

We assure the accurate and timely payment of all accounts payable within our school. From office supplies to utilities, you can be sure we practice responsible stewardship and solid financial practices.

FMCA Budget Allocation

FMCA has a budget of roughly $1.4 million dollars per year. It is important to remember that the school would not exist without the generous support from the Parishes. In fact, of all collections received in our three supporting Parishes, over one third is used to support the school. Other Parishes also regularly support the school as well.

The average cost of educating each student at FMCA is $8,064.

Below is a breakdown of expenses:

Expense Average Percent
Salaries and Benefits 70%
Administrative (includes Scholarships) 13%
Building Expenses 6%
Instruction Materials 3%
Capital Outlay 3%
Student Activities 2%
Hot Lunch 2%
Transportation 1%

We fund these expenses from the following sources:

Revenue Source Average Percent
Parish Subsidies 38%
Tuition 36%
Third Source (Scrip, Donations and Fundraisers) 13%
Other Income 5%
Diocese 3%
Endowment & Investments 3%
Tuition Assistance 2%