Why Choose FMCA?

Thank you for your interest in Father Marquette Catholic Academy. We know you have many choices about how and where to educate your child. As you learn more about us and what we have to offer, we are confident you will find our school to be the right choice for your pre-kindergarten through eighth grader.

At FMCA we nourish young people in our Catholic faith and in the development of their spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Individualized Student Attention

At FMCA, your child will receive individualized attention from our incredible teachers. Individualized instruction and attention are part of our Mission Statement, which is the foundation of everything we do and who we are. Administration works closely with teachers to ensure that class sizes are ideal according to each group and teacher preference. This translates into a solid foundation of learning, better test scores, higher self-esteem, and an individual well-founded in Christian values, ready to advance into high school, college, career, and life.

Christian Values

Our students grow to become responsible and independent young adults with a strong sense of Christian leadership and dedication to service in the community. Our skilled teachers create a rigorous academic environment supported by the teachings of Jesus and the truths of the Catholic faith. It is our belief that school is an extension of home, and that the positive partnerships we form with parents enhance and support our mission.

Solid Academics

FMCA will both love and challenge your child/children, and you will never have to worry about them getting lost in the crowd. Our students learn classically. They are not covering a vast amount of material at the surface level but exploring important and relevant subjects in-depth. After all, learning is more than just getting through the materials. It is about covering the materials well and allowing students the opportunity to wonder about the good, the true, and the beautiful. At FMCA, there is a recognizable balance between high standards and grace. All children participate in the faith-filled classroom life and are always challenged to grow spiritually and intellectually, as faith and academics are the cornerstones of our school.

Please note that while we use a classical curriculum, our teachers ensure that not only do we meet all state standards, but we go above and beyond them. FMCA will prepare your child or children for their next level of education and for their bright future.

Balanced Use of Technology

We understand that technology is imperative in our world, and while we do teach students how to operate and navigate technology, we strive for a healthy balance of technology use. Kindergarten and first grade are one-to-one with iPads. Second through eighth grade are one-to-one with Chromebooks. Our teachers use both iPads and Chromebooks creatively and purposefully, keeping in mind that children are often inundated with technology outside of school. Other Technology at FMCA: VIBE boards, brand new document cameras, brand new projectors, various Apple technology, and more. FMCA strives to keep all technology up to date.

Comprehensive Testing

NWEA MAP Growth Testing takes place at FMCA in the Fall and Spring for our Kindergarten through Eighth grade. This test is a wonderful tool for parents to see how their students compare to other learners on a national level. The test also provides excellent insights about individual student learning, which can assist teachers in our Mission to deliver individualized instruction.

In the spring of 2023, our eighth-grade students will take the Classical Learning Test (CLT), and in the Spring of 2024, our seventh and eighth-grade students will take this test. The CLT offers assessments that evaluate English, grammar, and mathematical skills, providing a comprehensive measure of achievement and aptitude. The CLT exams emphasize foundational critical thinking skills, unlike other tests that change according to educational and cultural trends (CLT Exam website).

Students in second grade through eighth grade take the ARK Exam, which is a comprehensive assessment of Catholic Religious Education. This is taken in April of each school year.