FMCA Transportation

Father Marquette Catholic Academy has access to Marquette Area Public School buses. Our elementary students ride the middle school buses, and our middle school students ride the high school buses. The buses run according to the public school calendar schedule. As such, there may be certain days when FMCA is in session but when no busing or after-school busing is available. Please be sure to check the FMCA calendar and newsletter for these dates.

Special Procedures and Regulations

If your child needs to ride a different bus on certain occasions, we must receive a written note from you (parent/guardian) letting us know. After we receive the note, we will issue a bus pass for the child. For the safety of your child and all FMCA students, we must adhere to Marquette Area Public Schools Bus Conduct. A copy of the regulation guide is available in the school office and on the Marquette Area Public Schools website.

Transportation Assistance Subsidy

Father Marquette Catholic Academy will provide financial transportation support for families (PreK thru 8th grade) who attend our school and who live outside the geographic area of the MAPS District bus transportation. The financial support given to each family is determined by the subsidy amount given to FMCA by the Diocese from the UP Parishes, the number of qualifying families, and the amount of funds dispersed to each family in prior years. The subsidy is given twice a year—the first portion in December and the second in May.