Our Council

The Father Marquette Catholic Academy Council is formed by the member parishes as a consultative body to assist the principal and pastors in overseeing the operation of the school. The council derives its authority and responsibility from the bishop and the pastors as his representatives. The bishop has final authority under Canon Law. All council actions are subject to the review and approval of the pastors and the bishop.

The Father Marquette Catholic Academy Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Bishops room of St. Peter Cathedral. We welcome all parents to attend.

  • Father Marquette Advisory Council By-Laws
  • Procedural Norms of School Advisory Councils and Community Relations Policy

2023–2024 Father Marquette Catholic Academy Council

  • Dr. Francis Darr
  • Fr. Greg Heikkala
  • Iris Katers
  • Fr. Tom Merkel
  • Fr. Dan Moll
  • Tyson Murphy
  • Melissa Pillifant
  • Msgr. Michael Steber
  • Dr. Amadeo Sturla
  • Miguel Valenzuela
  • Jennifer Vollenweider
  • Andy Ylkanen

2023–2024 Officers

Dr. Amadeo Sturla, Chairperson

2023–2024 Members

Catholic Identity Team

  • Msgr. Michael Steber - Chair
  • Molly Bennett
  • Tim Bennett
  • Katelyn McKeen
  • Tyson Murphy
  • Annalisa Ogle
  • Jessica Paling
  • Sharon Parsons
  • Melissa Pillifant

Advancement Committee

  • Rachel McKnight
  • Sharon Parsons
  • Melissa Pillifant
  • Msgr. Michael Steber
  • Lacey Stensberg
  • Jennie Thill
  • Kendra Youren

Finance Team

  • Adam Cornette
  • Jeff Gregorich
  • Nhan Nguyen
  • Kit Pillifant
  • Melissa Pillifant
  • Kay Rambo
  • Msgr. Michael Steber

Building and Grounds Team

  • Jon Betz
  • Iris Katers
  • Melissa Pillifant
  • Mario Scibelli