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Here at Father Marquette Catholic Academy, we want our parents and community members to be informed about our student accomplishments, important updates, and inspiring and informative articles. Check our news and events page often for all the latest happenings.

Annual Pre-Kindergarten Tea Party
View more photos of the Annual Pre-Kindergarten Tea Party

Father Marquette Catholic Academy Pre-Kindergarten classes celebrated, last week, with a very fancy tea party. They learned about the letter Tt, decorated fancy hats, ate delicious treats, and used very fancy cups and plates. They practiced their very best manners, and had such a fabulous time!  

Fire Prevention Week Poster Contest Winner
Two fireman with poster winner and brother in front of firetruck

Look who came to school in a firetruck, Friday, November 19! Florence received a special treat from the Marquette City Fire Department for being the grand prize winner for their 2021 Fire Prevention Week Poster Contest. The firemen picked her and her brother up at their house and brought them to school! How fun!

Help FMCA Help St. Vincent De Paul
Help FMCA Help St. Vincent De Paul consent form

St. Vincent De Paul will hand out food baskets on December 16 to those in need for the holidays. The baskets will include a variety of foods such as turkeys, apples, and cereal. The FMCA made a fantastic donation of $2,200 last year, and we'd like to do it again! Our goal this year is to give 40 baskets, and we need your help!

We will accept monetary donations from November 29 to December 10. You may send cash, checks made out to FMCA, or request to make your donation through FACTS by filling out the consent form.

We will also collect non-perishable food items for the TV6 Canathon during our donation period. Please bring nonperishable items to the main entrance.

Let's fill the baskets and shelves!

New FMCA Gaga Ball Pit
View more photos of students building gala ball pit

After taking an overnight trip to Camp Michigamme and playing many fun games of “Gaga Ball”, an FMCA family and the 6th-grade math class decided we needed our own gaga ball pit at FMCA to continue the fun. One of our parents, Mr. Tuuri started by finding a template and materials that our students could use in their math class to make a plan. He brought those plans to the class and discussed the idea of give-and-take for the options on the various templates to get the costs to equalize, to decide which to use. Cost (rate) will be a future math lesson and the students will be able to refer back to the project and use it as a real-world example.

Owen Maskart, an FMCA 6th grader, talked a bit about the game of Gaga Ball. He said it’s a game that many people can play at any time of the year (with a little shoveling in the winter!). It’s a fast-paced game of hitting a ball back and forth with your fist and if you get hit below the waist with the ball, you are out. When asked what his favorite part of doing this for FMCA was, Owen stated, “I learned how to use geometry and teamwork, and my favorite part of building it was the drilling because I like to drill and I have experience doing it.”

Their math lesson at the time was learning about polygons: what they are, side and angle information, and the sum of interior angles, which they used to determine what the angle of the gaga ball pit corners needed to be. Students discussed the template and design, using them to plan out tasks and responsibilities for each student, from using factors and multiples to deciding how many tools they would need, to prepping drill bits and carrying boards. As with any project, unexpected things happened, and the students used teamwork to troubleshoot the problems as they arose and found solutions. The students did all of the work with some adult oversight.

Another lesson they related to was in their Theology class. Students recently talked about how when we create something, we have materials to work with, but when God created, it was out of nothing; they made the connection that, with this project, they had wood and directions to use to create a gaga ball pit.

After it was all built, they remeasured and confirmed the side lengths were the same length and the angles for their polygons were correct. The FMCA students now have a new gaga ball pit for recesses and after-school activities, thanks to their hard teamwork.