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Happily Ever Afters and Farewell Feasts

The castle opened this week for the last time to welcome 20 amazing fairy tale authors. They sang, ate, and listened to their classmate's readings of their creative books. The lights will go out as the children leave. I wish them all a happily ever after. My heart goes with them all. - Mrs. Julie Hocking

Two happy women dressed in costume Royal Fairy Tale Books by First Grade Authors sign on table with booklets Students sitting at a table in a classroom decorated as a castle
Field Trip to Sand Point on Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

The 3rd and 4th grade took a field trip to Sand Point on Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising! While it was a rainy day, it was still a great trip!

The students learned about the historical significance of the Munising Coast Guard Station and how navigation techniques have changed over time. They then learned how to use a compass and how to take a bearing. The classes also did water quality testing of Lake Superior! They completed tests on the water to draw conclusions about the health of the water and how humans affect the health of the water. Finally, the students took a hike through a marsh and learned about plant adaptations and why certain trees and plants live in this area.

Students in rain gear outside on field trip Park ranger talking to students outside Two girls in raincoats holding umbrellas during field trip
Cops and Doughnuts Winners
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The winners of the "Cops and Donuts" auction item at our recent Gala got the ultimate treat last week! Police Chief Ryan Grim and Officer Jeff Czarny, our dedicated school liaison, pulled up in style to whisk the lucky kiddos away for a morning they won't soon forget.

First stop: Huron Bakery, where the officers treated the children to a delicious breakfast of donuts and other goodies. Next, they hopped back into the police car for a ride to school, arriving in true VIP fashion.

From the excited smiles on their faces, it's clear that these students had a blast spending the morning with their local heroes. This unique experience is a perfect example of the positive relationships we strive to build between our community and law enforcement. Congratulations to the lucky winners, and a big thank you to Chief Grim and Officer Czarny for making their day extra special!

    Farewell to Dr. Betz
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    With a heavy heart but overflowing gratitude, FMCA said its goodbyes to Dr. Betz this week. Her dedication and leadership will be deeply missed. We celebrated her incredible contributions during a heartfelt goodbye hour on Monday, and we wish her nothing but the absolute best in her future endeavors. We are incredibly excited to have her continue her leadership torch across all our schools. As one chapter closes, another exciting one begins! We are thrilled to have Mrs. Pillifant at the helm, and we have full confidence that she will lead FMCA down a path of continued success and growth. Let's say a prayer for both Dr. Betz and the bright future ahead!

      5th Grade Revolutionary War Unit
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      Fifth graders got a taste of history by reenacting a session of the First Continental Congress! Students took center stage, proposing measures, delivering speeches for and against them, and then voting for their choices. Staff and guests were invited to witness the event and act as neutralists, whom the students had to convince with their arguments.

      Last week, they explored the Stamp Act, and next week, they'll tackle the Second Continental Congress.

      Beyond these reenactments, their daily class experience reflects the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. For example, they participate in a "payment and taxes" system for pencils or other classroom needs. On Day 1, students chose a colonist with a unique backstory to become, which they use to base their opinions and decisions on throughout the unit.

      This immersive experience wasn't just about performance. Through the reenactments and class time simulations, students gained a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind the colonists' decisions and the weighty consequences they carried for the future of the colonies. (It turns out that forging a new path can be a bit scary!)

      Overall, the fifth graders are demonstrating an impressive grasp of the curriculum, making this a truly engaging and educational experience for all involved.

      March is Reading Month

      March is reading month, so it’s time to “read until you pop!” Check out our calendar of events as we celebrate all month long.

      March is Reading Month flyer
      View more photos from our Starlab experience

      We recently had an incredible experience in the Starlab, made possible through the generous donation from the NMU Seaborg Center. Under the guidance of Mrs. Gencheff, who orchestrated the entire event, our students embarked on a journey through the cosmos, delving into various celestial wonders tailored to their curriculum needs.

      The Starlab provided an immersive and awe-inspiring encounter with topics ranging from planets to constellations, offering a dynamic and educational experience for each group. Here's a glimpse into the cosmic voyage our students undertook:

      1. Planets
      2. Constellations: Students explored the night sky, discovering the beauty of constellations and unraveling the stories behind these stellar arrangements.
      3. Earth's Movement and Seasons: The Starlab vividly depicted the movement of Earth, helping students comprehend the factors that contribute to the changing seasons and varying lengths of day.
      4. Nebulae
      5. International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope
      6. Comets and Asteroids
      7. Lunar Phases: Students observed the moon's changing phases, gaining insight into the lunar cycle and its influence on Earth.
      8. Eclipses: The Starlab simulated solar and lunar eclipses, providing a close-up look at these rare celestial events and the science behind them.
      9. Rovers

      We extend our gratitude to the NMU Seaborg Center for their invaluable donation, enabling us to offer this enriching experience to our students. Mrs. Gencheff's dedication in organizing, setting up, and teaching during the sessions ensured that each child had a unique and tailored journey through the cosmos.

      The Starlab adventure not only sparked curiosity but also deepened our students' appreciation for the wonders of the universe. We look forward to more exciting educational opportunities that inspire and cultivate a love for learning.