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Here at Father Marquette Catholic Academy, we want our parents and community members to be informed about our student accomplishments, important updates, and inspiring and informative articles. Check our news and events page often for all the latest happenings.

An Evening with the Eagles

We are excited to announce the return of our annual Father Marquette Catholic Academy (FMCA) fundraising Gala, An Evening with the Eagles! The Gala will be the kick-off to our annual fundraising program followed by the debut of our virtual art auction!

The Gala is FMCA’s largest fundraiser of the year and all proceeds go towards providing our school administration with the flexibility and financial resources to meet the pressing needs of our school community. We greatly appreciate your generosity in ensuring that FMCA continues to offer the very best education rooted in our Catholic tradition.

For more information, please visit our Evening with The Eagles page.

Our School Garden

Father Marquette Catholic Academy (FMCA) middle schoolers started the year off by seeing the fruits of their labor from the spring school year. 5th through 8th grade students spent their science classes on Thursday, September 9 harvesting, preparing, and eating the potatoes they planted before leaving last spring for summer break.

Last June the 5th grade science/STEM students planted $3.00 worth of seed potatoes in Father Marquette’s new garden beds, purchased from an Excellence in Education grant received last year. That grant money allowed FMCA to purchase the three raised beds that were planted with potatoes, tomatoes, parsley, carrots, swiss chard, kale, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, dill, cilantro, and basil. As part of the science curriculum and the Laudato Si Club, which is Latin for “take care of our common home,” students learn horticulture and botany skills such as crop rotation and organic insect and pest control. 

Over the summer families volunteered their time and tended to the raised beds that housed the potatoes in addition to other the vegetables and flowers planted on FMCA’s grounds. 

Middle school students recently harvested three bushels of potatoes, washed, cut up, and boiled them, made homemade butter from cream, and prepped the basil, parsley, onion, and tomatoes to go with them. They enjoyed their hard-earned meal! 

Next year the FMCA middle school will have four more beds, for a total of seven, thanks to a partnership with Michigan State University Extension and the middle school 4-H Gardening Club.

middle school students enjoying a meal made from their garden produce students picking potatoes from school garden Four bins of potatoes picked from school garden
Schedule Walk

Attention, middle school parents! Please join us for our schedule walk on Thursday, September 16 at 6:00 p.m. This is an opportunity for parents to spend an evening walking through the student schedule! Parents will report to their child’s homeroom and get a copy of the student schedule to follow throughout the evening. We will run seven minute class periods starting promptly at 6:00 p.m. Please see our schedule walk flyer for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!