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Here at Father Marquette Catholic Academy, we want our parents and community members to be informed about our student accomplishments, important updates, and inspiring and informative articles. Check our news and events page often for all the latest happenings.

Choir Concert and May Crowning

At the Friday, May 19 Mass, middle school put on their annual spring choir concert, and Father Marquette Catholic Academy had their May Crowning celebration. May Crowning is a traditional Roman Catholic ritual during the month of May. It is a solemn procession; at the close of the procession a statue of the Blessed Virgin is crowned with a garland or crown of flowers honoring Mary as “the Queen of May.”

childrens choirchoir leading a childrens chiorgroup of kids around a mary statue
Sixth Grade to Maritime Museum

Sixth graders got a tour of the lighthouse and learned about the life of a lighthouse keeper. Students completed a scavenger hunt in the museum on the history of shipping and the coast guard in Lake Superior. Students also learned about shipwrecks in the area and how the coast guard has evolved to help save lives.

Sixth grade students in front of Maritime MuseumSixth grade students in inside the Maritime MuseumSixth grade students in outside the Maritime Museum

Bugs and Plants! Oh MY!

Spring brings new growth in lots of areas of our environment. Elementary students got to explore those intricacies with plants and some cute little ladybugs!

Second graders received ladybug eggs that they got to take care of and watch grow. The bugs arrived as eggs with food in their enclosure that the ladybugs would eat as they metamorphosed. Students had to add water to the habitat occasionally. The eggs first turned into larvae, then pupae, and then the insects finally emerged as adult ladybugs. The kiddos loved watching them go through their life cycles and got to set the mature adults free after saying goodbye.

Pre-Kindergarten Blue students learned about what it means to grow by comparing what people need to grow vs. what plants need to grow. The kiddos planted grass in cups and decorated their cups so that when the grass grew it would look like hair. After the grass sprouted, they all gave their grass haircuts! PK Blue students also planted a radish, an onion, and a carrot plant and placed them on their classroom windowsill so they could see the roots.

Little prekindergarten girl trimming a plant in a cupLittle second grade boy in a long sleeve blue shirt with a ladybug on his arm.Little second grade boy in a short sleeve light blue shirt with a ladybug on his finger.
Kaufman Awards

Congratulation to our Father Marquette Catholic Academy students that received their Kaufman awards on Wednesday, May 17 at the ceremony in the Kaufman Auditorium.

Students lined up in front of stage holding their certificates

Special Awards

  • Art - Amelia Capuana*
  • Band - Matthew Reilly
  • Physical Education - Clayton Edwards
  • Personal Achievement - Ella Henning
  • School Service - Elizabeth McKnight

Faculty Award

  • Madalyn Croney*

Academic Awards

  • Everett Boburka
  • Rowan Stensberg
  • Katja Tuuri

* These students were also eligible for the academic award.

Father Marquette Catholic Academy Attends Religion Bee

Miss Paling, Father Marquette Catholic Academy’s (FMCA) middle school theology teacher, recently took FMCA students to a new event! We had two teams of five students, one team of 5th and 6th graders and one team of 8th graders, that went to Escanaba for the day to compete in a religion bee.

To get ready for the competition, students were all given over 200 religious questions to learn and memorize for competition day.

On competition day, there were two rounds. One round was a team competition and the other was individual. In the team competition, each team was asked a question and if they got it right, they got one point. If they got it wrong, then all the other teams answered the questions on a whiteboard to win that point. Every team that got it correct got a point.

or the individual competition, they took a written assessment. For every question that they got right on the individual, they got 0.25 points added to their team score. The top three team scores moved on to the finals.

FMCA did a great job and learned a lot!

FMCA students sitting at tables during religion beeFMCA students sitting at tables during religion bee
DeVos Art Museum Visit

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade recently went to the DeVos Art Museum to tour the annual children’s exhibits. Father Marquette, among many other UP schools, have student art displayed for this event.

Father Marquette students surrounding sculpture outside DeVos Art MuseumFather Marquette students sitting on museum floor listening to speakerFather Marquette students' artwork display
FMCA Golf Scramble
Golf Scramble flyer

We invite you to join us for our 2023 FMCA Golf Scramble at the Marquette Golf Club - Heritage Course on Sunday, August 20, 2023. Shotgun start is at 1:00 p.m., and cart and dinner are included. The cost is $500 per four-player team. Visit the FMCA Golf Scramble website to get more info.

Father Marquette Catholic High School Survey

A Father Marquette Catholic Academy High School Committee is currently in the process of a feasibility study to consider the opening of a new Catholic high school in Marquette. This new high school would continue the Catholic liberal arts curriculum of our diocesan grade schools on the high school level, according to the Chesterton Academy high school model. We wish to offer high school students in the Marquette area the opportunity to continue to receive excellent academics and character formation centered in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and his church. 

As part of the high school feasibility study process, we are reaching out to families to help us gauge interest in this initiative. We would greatly appreciate your responses to the brief online survey below by Wednesday, June 7. Please see our letter regarding the feasibility study for more information.

Thank you for your consideration and time in completing the survey.

Jerry Pallotta - Who Would Win

Father Marquette Catholic Academy students recently attended the MARESA’s Young Authors conference at NMU. Area schools attend this as a field trip every year. There are fun reading and literacy activities throughout the day. We got to have our own presentation by the award-winning children’s author, Jerry Pallotta, who was presenting at Young Authors. Jerry authored the Who Would Win book series. The kiddos loved it! 

Students sitting on the gym floor listening to an adult who is in front of a Father Marquette signStudents sitting on the gym floor listening to an adult who is in front the stage with an image of two soldiers on a screen
Sixth Grade Number Line

The sixth graders were each given a positive or negative number and had to silently arrange themselves in order. Then they added the numbers to a blank number line on the board. They had a great number talk about comparing integers and extended it to all rational numbers (positive and negative numbers that can be put into simple fraction form). They also had an NMU middle school math methods class observing them that day, so the students got to show off their reasoning and understanding of numbers! The sixth graders did a great job!

Students standing at a whiteboard with a line and postits with numbers on themStudents standing at a whiteboard with a black line and a math assignment
First Communion

Father Marquette Catholic Academy students recently received their first communion at our local parishes.

Students sitting on stage with adult holding a guitarStudents lined up with an adult in front of the altar
Middle School Band Concert/Pop-Up Art Fair
View more photos of Middle School Band Concert_Pop-Up Art Fair

Middle schoolers recently showed off their hard work at the spring band concert. Students really came quite a ways from the start of the year, playing classics from Bach and Mozart to ending with the contemporary Neil Diamond song, Sweet Caroline.

Mrs. Hobbins had a pop-up art fair for families to enjoy. Many works of art from throughout the year were displayed.

Fairy Tale Feast
Student with a crown reading to the class next to the teacher dressed as the fairy godmother

Every year Mrs. Hocking’s 1st grade has a fairy tale tradition. Students read a bunch of fairy tales and study the aspects of the story that make a fairy tale a fairy tale. They then write their own, and it all ends with fairy tale feast day. They dress up, bring in foods related to fairy tales (hello “poisoned” apples!), and read their stories aloud. The school was treated to a singing procession as well!

Students in costume sitting at medieval dinner table in the classroom Students in costume sitting at medieval dinner table and giving a thumbs up Three students dressed as a rogue, a king, and a knight Two students dressed as red riding hood Student reading for the class Student dressed as a werewolf reading for the class
Skills and Drills

4th and 5th graders got a taste of basketball this spring with a skills and drills session. They played a tough fought game at the end. NMU students came to one of the skills and drills practices and gave some tips!

team lined up with coaches and refereestudents dribbling basketballs in gym in front of coachesstudents and coaches lined up behind basketballs in gymstudents playing basketball in gym


Do you remember playing with homemade playdough or cornstarch and water in your mom’s kitchen when you were little? 2nd graders got to experience that same fun this week. They made oobleck in science. They discovered it has both properties of a liquid and solid. When pushed on firmly, it becomes more solid. If you let it settle in your hand, it drips like a liquid. They learned that this classifies oobleck as a non-Newtonian fluid. Fun with science! 

Student holding up his hands full of blue oobleckStudents playing with their individual oobleck trays on a tableStudent playing with her oobleck tray and standing up

    Excellence in Education

    UP Health System - Marquette had their annual Excellence in Education Day on Monday, April 24. Four Father Marquette Catholic Academy 8th grade students attended, along with other various area school 8th graders. This year marked this event’s first time back in session since COVID. Students toured departments in the hospital, had lunch, and received their well-earned awards. The awards were based on academic achievement. Congratulations to all!

    Four eighth-grade students in front of a gas fireplaceGroup photo of students at 2023 Excellence in Education Day
    Junior American Citizens National Winners

    Pk through 8th grade students recently showed their artistic skills by participating in the Junior American Citizens (JAC) art competition put on by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). This year the theme was "The 200th Anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail: Moving the Stars and Stripes Westward." Students created either individual or group poster designs bringing the Santa Fe Trail to life to commemorate the trail's anniversary which took place in 2021. Congratulations to the following winners:

    • The 8th grade banner (Grace Matt, Rowan Stensberg, Ella Henning, Lizzy McKnight, Katja Tuuri, and Madalyn Croney) won first place in the nation for their category/grade.
    • Matthew Reilly (8th grade) and Sonja Ylkanen (2nd grade) won first place in nationals for their posters.
    • Esther Grille (1st grade) won second place in nationals for her age group.
    • Lucy Matt and Elin Betz won second place for their 6th grade banner.
    Sonja Yikaner holding her award for first place national winner for her 2nd grade art posterGrace Matt, Rowan Stensberg, Ella Henning, Lizzy McKnight, and Madalyn Croney holding their JAC awards
    Father Marquette Catholic Academy Raffle
    FMCA Raffle 2023 website

    Father Marquette Catholic Academy (FMCA) is sponsoring a raffle to support our amazing students! Ticket prices are as follows:

    • One Ticket: $25
    • Five Tickets: $100
    • 15 Tickets: $250

    You can win the following prizes:

    • 1st Place: $2,000
    • 2nd Place (Two Winners): $500
    • 3rd Place (Three Winners): $100

    The drawing is on June 9 at 8:30 a.m. Please scan the QR code to purchase tickets. If you prefer to pay in cash/check, please visit the offices of:

    • Father Marquette Catholic Academy
    • St. Peter Cathedral
    • St. Michael Catholic Church
    • St. Louis the King
    • St. Christopher Parish
    Golf Scramble

    The Father Marquette golf scramble is on Sunday, June 25 at Marquette Golf Club with a shotgun start at noon. The cost is $500 per team and includes a cart and dinner. Come out and have a great time! Please visit our 2023 Father Marquette Golf Scramble website for more information.

    Youth Schola

    What's a Schola? The Latin word schola means "school" which in the music world refers to "Schola Cantorum" or "school of singers" referencing the trained papal choir during the Middle Ages that would sing for the Pope. This group was the ancestor of the Sistine Chapel Choir! Legend associates them with the papacy of Saint Gregory the Great.

    Nowadays this is a very popular term for a liturgical choir that sings Gregorian Chant in church or in the case of a "youth" schola, a children's liturgical choir.

    Students in 2nd through 8th grade were able to audition for this fantastic new opportunity. They will sing for our school masses and on the first Saturday of the month at St. Peter's Cathedral’s 10:00 a.m. mass. Come see them! 

    Students singing in church Students singing next to man playing piano in church
    Colonial Days

    Fifth graders chose a trade to research while learning about daily life in the 13 colonies. Students researched what kind of training was needed, what tools were used in the trade, what kind of items were sold, and how products were made. This culminated in a Colonial Fair in social studies class where students used colonial "money" to purchase items from various colonial shops. There were a few bakers, a carpenter, a cabinetmaker, a milliner, a few colonial taverns/inns, a blacksmith, a farmer, and a few general stores. Fun was had by all of the colonial workers!

    Four fifth grade girls dressed as colonial bakers Two fifth grade boys dressed in colonial attire next to hammers and nails on table Fifth grade student sitting at this colonial general store presentation Fifth grade girls presenting fancy furniture from colonial times
    Stations of the Cross

    The Lenten season is here, and students and staff have created a neat Lenten prayer activity that students will be able to interact with in our building. Each classroom door, from PK to middle school, is decorated with a station of the cross. Classes plan to prayerfully walk the Way of the Cross through the school, stopping to look and pray at each station.

    Historically, people would go to Jerusalem and walk the path Jesus took to be crucified, stopping to pray at different significant points along the way to meditate on what happened there. Eventually, over time, those stops became the small images that we have today in our churches.

    classroom door decorated as a house in Jerusalemclassroom door decorated with a man on a crossclassroom door decorated with Jesus next to cross that says INRI and a heading that says Seventh Station Jesus Falls The Second Time and other words to small to read
    Lego Club

    city built from legos

    The Lego Club met weekly to build Lego creations and program Lego spike prime robots centralized around a sled dog racing theme. Word block coding was used to program robotic functions such as straight-line movement, turns, marker sensing, black line detection using reflection, sound, and text effects. Coding of these tasks required logical problem solving, basic measurements and math skills, angle configurations, light reflection monitoring, and more! Teamwork and core values were used to build Lego creations such as a representation of team names, dogs, training farm scenes, sled dog trucks, dog sleds, and iconic downtown Marquette buildings. Other fun icebreakers and holiday builds were also created! After each build, the students worked together with their team to present their build and the robot’s task through storytelling.

    lego club students holding their awards

    In December, a Last Sled Dog Training Day competition took place. Father Tim (he coached a robotics team in the past), along with local MARESA technology integration specialist and Lego master educator, Gaby Eyzaguirre, judged each team on their presentations, core values displayed, Lego build, and robot performance.

    Congratulations to the overall winning team: Fabulous Froggers! The rest of the teams were awarded according to their strengths evaluated during the competition. 

    dog sled made with Legos

    In February, a mini competition took place called: Lego Up Sled Dog Race. Iconic Marquette buildings and green spaces were built and then placed to create a  downtown Marquette race course that the robots needed to navigate and then stop at the black finish line.

    The club as a whole grew in its respect for each other, encouragement, learning to deal with unexpected problems, and perseverance. Personal strengths were discovered and then shared with the group to work together to perform the tasks assigned. As a group, we celebrated and encouraged these different strengths as well as recognizing and embracing certain weaknesses.

    Student Quotes:

    “Our first competition build was sled dog trucks and sled dogs. We built these things to represent transportation to the U.P 200. Our second competition was programming our robots to push our sled dogs to the finish line. We also built iconic Marquette buildings lining the U.P 200 race course. We learned a lot about how to program robots, like how to stop at a black line which was our finish line. We also learned to not give up even when things are breaking and not functioning.”
    - Silas Loewen (4th grade) and Noelle Espinoza (3rd grade)

    “The clock tower is the building we chose! It was a fun project because it is an old building full of history. Programming was probably the most fun but also most difficult thing to do. The dogs and the trucks were definitely hard but we tried to build them as close to the real thing as possible!”
    - Jillian Boburka and Charlee Schlicht (4th graders)

    First Grade Solar Systems

    The first graders have been studying our solar systems in February. They recently all did a presentation on something that interested them. It was a family project and they all did amazing!

    girl holding paper next to a display about Uranusboy standing next to his poster about Jupiter.boy standing next to his poster about part of the solar system.girl holding pink stuffed animal standing next to her poster about gravity.boy holding a paper standing next to her poster about Saturn
    PK Blue Ice

    Ice cream and ice fishing! Mrs. Lund turned the sensory tub into an icy lake where kids tried their hand at ice fishing. Another day, they made the biggest ice cream cone ever with 14 scoops (we counted them each time someone added a scoop), and then the children each got an ice cream puzzle where they had to spell their name using the scoops!

    students standing around colored ice cream scoop shaped papers on the groundstudents making a paper ice cream cone with letters ADAstudents playing toy fishing gamegirl smiling after making a paper ice cream cone with letter veora on itfive students playing with toy fishing game
    Cops and Donuts

    Four lucky students were picked up by Officer Durand and Chief Grim of the Marquette City Police Department at their houses bright and early on a Monday morning for breakfast at Huron Bakery. The officers brought them to school in their cruisers afterward! The families won the prize in one of the Father Marquette Catholic Academy baskets at the “Evening with the Eagles” auction.

    A big thank you to the Marquette City Police Department for donating their time and donuts and all that they do as liaisons to Father Marquette Catholic Academy!

    two police officers posing with two boysPolice officers posing with two students
    Fifth Grade for a Day

    For fifth grader for a day, fourth grade students were invited to visit the middle school. Each child had a locker and followed the daily schedule. They were able to ask their teachers questions while participating in lessons.

    In language arts, students were challenged to write a quick persuasive speech on a topic provided in our Voyages in English textbook program. They had tons of fun sharing their thoughts with each other.

    The teachers truly enjoyed the group's enthusiasm for learning! The teachers cannot wait to have you in class every day!

    Two girls standing at table and writing on papersboy smiling while holding paper and pencilStudents writing and reading papers in classroomboy standing and looking at papersstudents working at table and closest boy is smiling while holding paper and pencilstudents sitting at desks in classroom with papers in their hands
    Stone Soup

    Our second graders recently made stone soup after reading some different versions of the classic tale. Students each brought one item or ingredient in to add to the soup. They found that by working together and sharing they were able to make a delicious meal.

    three students working with marshmallows, toothpicks and legosStudents working with marshmallows and toothpicksBoy snarling as he stirs soup in a crockpot
    student building marshmallow and toothpick designtwo students building marshmallow and toothpick structures
    100 Days Brighter!
    Girl dressed in pink

    Students came dressed in their brightest on the 100th day of school on Wednesday, February 8. Students were wearing their shades, and lucky for them, it was so warm out! We had t-shirts on at recess in February!

    The PK Gold did an activity based on the book One Hundred Hungry Ants. Mrs. Thill hid 100 plastic ants around the room. The students found the ants and placed them on a grid that had 100 spaces.

    In the second grade, they read scripture about the Tower of Babel. They were then challenged to build the tallest tower they could with 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks. The tallest tower was 21 centimeters high. The students concluded that the base of the tower was the most important part, and God gives us that grounding we need!

    3 girls with arms around each otheryoung students playing with posterboard on the floorstudents playing logosstudents moving around tables in the classroomstudents sitting on floor rug around a gridded posterboard. One holds the book One Hundred Hungry Ants.
    Volleyball Up and Going

    Fifth through eighth grade students attended a volleyball camp at Father Marquette Catholic Academy (FMCA) right before students left for Christmas break. It was a great warm up for the upcoming season! Mqt Youth Volleyball Club, which runs the volleyball season program, helped FMCA to purchase a whole new volleyball net system this year. This allows us to hold games here at FMCA! With donations from a few others, FMCA got lines painted on the gym floor and bought a few more volleyballs and a ball cart to really get the athletes game ready.

    Volleyball game in gymVolleyball team playing game in gymVolleyball team lined up
    Epiphany Blessing

    Deacon Gregg St. John performed an Epiphany blessing on the third grade classroom. He blessed the door by writing over the mantle 20+C+M+B+23. This stands for the year and the first letter of the three names of the kings who visited Jesus on the Epiphany. The three kings came from around the world representing all peoples in our search for God.

    Deacon Gregg blessing third grade classroom Students watching as Deacon Gregg blesses classroom
    Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest
    Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Winners

    The Father Jacques Marquette Knights of Columbus Council 17,772 had its annual "Keep Christ in Christmas” poster contest awards and pizza party on Wednesday, January 4 at the St. Michael Church.

    Over 90 contestants participated in the contest and put into art their vision of Christ and the Holy Family as the center and meaning of Christmas in their lives. Participants were presented Knights of Columbus award certificates as well as monetary prizes for the winners.

    • Ages 11–14: 1st place - Rowan Stenberg, 2nd place - McKayla Balmes, and 3rd place - Madalyn Croney
    • Ages 8–10: 1st place - Hannah Shandonay, 2nd place - Florence Zender, and 3rd place - Lucia Valenzuela
    • Ages 5–7: 1st place - Elena Valenzuela, 2nd place - Sonja Ylkanen, and 3rd place - Florence Winkler

    Pictured from left to right: Back row- Rowan (Mom), Hannah, Madalyn, and McKayla
    Front row- Florence Z., Sonja, Elena, Lucia, and Florence W.

    Snack Sale

    Father Marquette Catholic Academy K-4 earned $451.76 during their snack sale which was used to purchase a pizza party for all the residents of the Jacobetti Veteran's Home, along with Christmas treats! The K-4 students also visited the Jacobetti Veteran's Home to spread Christmas cheer through caroling. Thank you to all parents for helping us teach the importance of thinking of others, as Jesus taught, during this holiday season.

    Happy K-4 students next to snacks on table in gym Students visiting with eldery Outside view of students walking to school Two students working at the snack table
    MSHS Class Donation
    Elementary students in front of their new playhouse

    Father Marquette Catholic Academy (FMCA) received an awesome new addition to our facility. Yardbuilders, LLC and about four cars filled with junior and senior MSHS building and construction class students arrived in our parking lot with a brand new playhouse for our elementary playground.

    The MSHS geometry and construction class worked this semester to facilitate this partnership. MSHS freshman, Natalie Schetter (also an FMCA alumnus), had suggested FMCA as an entity to receive one of their projects. This class, made up of freshmen and sophomores, learned terminology, made the plans, and built the playhouse. Mr. McFarren, the 15-year veteran teacher of both classes, stated they make quite a few projects a year but they donate one to two locally.

    The students at the MSHS are proud of their work and gain a sense of gratification with a quality build that they can give back to the Marquette community. FMCA is grateful for their thoughtfulness and also to Yardbuilders for helping bring the playhouse over. Our students are having a great time exploring and imagining!

    New playhouse being delivered on truck while MSHS students watchMSHS students removing new playhouse from truck
    2023–2024 Enrollment Night

    Please join us for our enrollment night on Wednesday, February 22 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. You will have the opportunity to meet the teachers and principals, discover the classical curriculum difference, explore classrooms, and more! All faiths are welcome, and families are eligible to apply for generous tuition scholarships. Please see our enrollment night flyer for more information.

    Annual Gala Fundraiser
    Evening With the Eagles flyer

    Father Marquette Catholic Academy presents their annual gala fundraiser, "Evening With the Eagles". Save the date for Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. at The Landmark Inn, 230 N. Front St., Marquette, MI 49855. You can view our Evening With the Eagles flyer for more information, or purchase your tickets online today!

    Father Marquette Catholic Academy 2022 Open House
    Father Marquette Cathlic Academy 2022 Open House. Come meet your teachers and explore your classrooms! Tuesday, August 30,2022, 5:00pm - 7:00pm. All welcome! Scholarships available. 20% off for new K-8 families. For questions on how to register, contact us at: 906-225-1129 500 S. Fourth Street, Marquette, MI 49855

    Please join us for our open house on Tuesday, August 30, 2022, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at 500 S. Fourth Street, Marquette, MI 49855. Come meet your teachers and explore your classrooms! All are welcome. 

    Scholarships are available, and we are offering 20% off for new k–8 families. For questions on how to register, contact us at (906) 225-1129 or via email.

    School Supply Lists

    Please take a moment to view our school supply lists below to prepare for the upcoming school year. We are looking forward to a great 2022–2023 school year!

    Beetle Grubs Infest Upper Peninsula Gardens
    students working in garden

    STEM classes can get mighty grubby sometimes as Father Marquette Catholic Academy’s (FMCA) Alex Gencheff’s science students have discovered. While digging up lawn for four more raised vegetable and herb beds, they discovered an infestation of Japanese beetles. The project is supported by the MSU extension nutrition education program.

    Like other upper peninsula residents, students are digging up a relatively new kind of grub that has been eating their lawns all winter and are now going to emerge soon to eat anything with a petal or berry. The attached females and males will soon be found together voraciously munching on their favorites - roses, peonies, and raspberries. They are not fussy though. They will eat almost anything.

    Rowan and Colt Stensberg, regular after-school student volunteers, added to the count of 103 curled c-shaped grubs that fifth grade students found earlier during STEM class in a 10 by 20 foot area.

    “There are too many! These are nasty to pick up,” stated Colt, as he flung another grub on the ground and joyfully stomped on it.

    “We are digging them up so they don’t emerge and damage our gardens as adult Japanese beetles,” his sister Rowan explained.

    Now found in most states including local lawns and gardens, they are doing major damage to homeowners’ lawns, landscaping, garden crops, and commercial orchards. Often lawns are gone before owners realize there is something seriously wrong. What may start looking like winter damage turns to bare spots and then the ravens, crows, and other flocks of birds may move in and decimate the lawn overnight. Skunks, moles, and birds can’t keep up. Local neighborhoods have bare ground instead of a lawn due to Japanese beetle grub damage.

    FMCA students urge residents to research treatments online. There are no cures, but several control methods will help avoid an expensive disaster in local yards.

    Microscopic beneficial nematodes are being used in 30 states. They attack the grubs and eat them but are harmless, relatively inexpensive, naturally found in the ground in low numbers, and must be applied now before the emerald green beetle emerges. They are applied again in fall to kill the eggs hatching into grubs that merrily eat your lawn again all winter. Park Cemetery volunteers in Marquette have found the beneficial nematodes effective and easy to apply to save flowers and shrubs.

    There are also heavy-duty special chemical treatments that are different from the usual grub control. They may be harmful to children and pets.

    Once the beetles emerge and attack fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, and gardens homeowners have few options other than netting or picking them off and placing them in soapy water. They seem to be immune to normal sprays that will, unfortunately, kill honeybees and other beneficial insects. Simply shaking them off or using a water hose to knock them off to the ground will help them lay their eggs. Each beetle is protected by a hard shell and will simply lay hundreds of eggs for next year to continue their cycle.

    Written by Iris Katers.

    First Annual FMCA Golf Scramble
    2022 FMCA Golf Scramble Entry Form

    We are excited to bring you our first annual Father Marquette Golf Scramble on Saturday, August 13, 2022! Come out, enjoy a day on the course, and support our fantastic school!

    Teams of four will have an enjoyable day golfing on the Heritage Course at the Marquette Golf Club. We will have raffles, gift baskets, proximities, drinks, prizes, and a steak dinner.

    Please note:

    • $500/team, paid in full by July 15, 2022.
    • Shotgun start at noon.
    • The cost includes the cart and dinner.
    • Return the registration form and payment to the FMCA Office.

    If you are not golfing and would like to join your golfing friends after, we have a "dinner-only" option for $50.

    2022 FMCA Golf Scramble Entry Form


    Please consider sponsoring our event with these exciting opportunities:


    Is golfing your hobby? Do you just like helping out? We need you for:

    • Acquiring donations/sponsors
    • Day of logistics
    • Other odds and ends

    Email Jessica Hanley if you can volunteer.
    *If you are a parent, these hours can go to your 2022–2023 service hours requirement.

    FMCA Golf Scramble