Support our School

Thank you for considering how you can support FMCA. Take a few minutes and learn about the options available to lend your support.


The school’s main sources of third source funding are:

  • Scrip
  • Annual auction
  • Third-source funding
  • Other general fundraisers
  • Scrip


Through the Scrip program, the school buys gift certificates from vendors at a discount and sells them for face value, keeping the profit. National and local vendors participate. At FMCA, scrip purchase is not mandatory, but families can use a certain amount of scrip purchases to supplement tuition. Families have until spring each year to purchase scrip to offset a certain amount of tuition revenue that is needed to operate the school and pay our teachers. Our council publishes this offset, called the scrip profit goal, which is usually around $300 per year. Once a family meets the profit goal, we will be happy to apply any additional scrip profit toward a reduction in tuition for the next school year. It sounds more complicated than it is. Ask an office staff member if you need more information. We sell scrip at each school and after Mass at the parishes.

Other Third-Source Funding

Turn in the following to the school office:

  • EconoFoods receipts

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